Accommodation in Israel

Your Event, Our Professionalism …

Midreshet Ma’ale Hever’s external hosting department organizes events for high schools, families and communities.

We offer great conditions with high levels of service and accommodations. Hosting can be combined with experiential activities provided by lecturers and professional instructors.1 13

Custom programs are available both for families and for school activities.

We will spare your important resource– time, and we will take advantage of our connections with various guesthouses and hotels throughout the country. All of this is available to you with just one phone call.

We believe that the small details are what make the event special. We know how to take care of you. Fine meals, minyans on the premises of nearby, a meeting place for the whole family, lecturers and instructors who will make your events a pleasure and add substance and good experiences, coffee, appropriate kashut and more

Even if your Shabbat Bar Mitzvah is far in the future, even if you are just weighing your options, this the right time to contact us.

Yoed +972-52-6070689