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Midreshet Ma’aleh Hever Midrasha LeYahadut V’limuday Eretz Yisrael Dear Friends, With the closing of a successful year of activity, B”H, we would like to update you on the successesand achievements that our educational center has achieved in the past year, and to share with youthe challenges and goals that we are facing at the start […]

Accommodation in Israel

Your Event, Our Professionalism … Midreshet Ma’ale Hever’s external hosting department organizes events for high schools, families and communities. We offer great conditions with high levels of service and accommodations. Hosting can be combined with experiential activities provided by lecturers and professional instructors.1 13 Custom programs are available both for families and for school activities. […]

Hosting at Maale Hever

The Midrasha hosts wedding Shabbats (Shabbat Chatan), Shabbats to strengthen team spirit, school seminars, etc. We are located in the South Hebron Hills, about a 40 minute drive from both Jerusalem and Beer Sheva, 10 min from Kiryat Arba, and just a short drive from Heritage sites and beautiful scenery. At the Midrasha you will […]