Midreshet Ma’aleh Hever

Midrasha LeYahadut V’limuday Eretz Yisrael

Dear Friends,

With the closing of a successful year of activity, B”H, we would like to update you on the successes
and achievements that our educational center has achieved in the past year, and to share with you
the challenges and goals that we are facing at the start of the new year. 

We are proud of our extensive projects, and in total have reached out to more than 170,000 children and adults throughout the country. 

Ma’aleh Hever, at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level, is a religious Israeli community located in the eastern Hebron hills, overlooking the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

The village, home to over fifty families, is named after the near by Hever Stream.

Midreshet Ma’aleh Hever Educational Center was established twelve years ago, with two main goals:

1. to provide a Torah outreach project that would reach all sectors of the Jewish People –

both religious and secular – providing them with a special, interesting and influential program;

2. to strengthen Jewish presence in the Hebron region by bringing many groups of people to

visit local sites and to pray at the graves of our patriarchs. 

Hospitality – In the past year we have hosted thousands of guests at the educational center, who visited the site where King David wrote most of the Psalms, prayed at the graves of the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs at the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and participated during

Shabbat in Torah lessons and educational workshops on a variety of topics. Feedback has been excellent and many promised to return for future visits.

The first thing that the people who visit Midreshet Ma’ale Hever mention is the feature that they most enjoy is the pioneering and settling spirit of the settlement, the pastoralism and the scenery. For the many groups are unfamiliar with the Hebron Hills, the hospitality really strengthens their connection to this area of the country. Just being in the settlement and seeing the scenery is enough for people to understand the importance of settlements in the Hebron Hills. Most of the groups participate in educational activities such as a tour inside the settlement, lectures and seminars.

 While being hosted at Midreshet Maale Hever, we offer guided tours in English.

We also offer accommodation throughout Israel for groups located too far away to visit us. One can combinehosting with a seminar or a guest lecturer. 

Seminars Our educational center conducted many seminars and study 4 mediumdays on site and throughout Israel on a wide range of topics, including Torah and Mitzvot, Zionism, interpersonal relationships, faith, preparations for family life, etc.

Feedback received from our teachers and students proves that our seminars have positive influence on the youngsters and the choices they will make in their lives. 

Workshops for Primary Schools – “Educate the child according to his own way that even when he grows old, he will not stray from it”.

The educational center organizes many programs for primary school children, in the belief that education at a young age has great influence on a child’s soul.

This year we conducted hundreds of workshops and presentations for primary schools on a wide range of topics in Judaism. 

 – the educational center conducts lectures on a wide range of topics, including Zionism, Torah, interpersonal relationships, faith, etc.

This year we conducted a few thounsand lectures throughout Israel and B”H the feedback was excellent. 

Book Publishing
 – To date, the Midrasha has published the following four books: No Such Thing as a Bad Child; I am Not a Bad Child; Starting Over; and The Land of Redemption. Over 13,000 copies have been sold 

Building the New Campus
 – registration for the coming year has B”H increased, but unfortunately the educational center is not large enough to accommodate the many visitors who wish to participate in our programs. We, therefore, completed the planning of a new complex of the Ma’aleh Hever Educational Center, which will include:

√ A large and spacious dining hall

√ 170 additional beds

√ A Beit Midrash and activity rooms

√ A swimming pool

√ A bird observatory, etc.